Be ready for whatever life throws your way.

Everyone’s financial plan faces different challenges, as expected and unexpected events impact your situation in ways that are entirely unique to you.

What we offer are strategies to help you prepare and adapt.


Planning for retirement

Defining retirement needs and goals and how to meet them, including navigating the transition from earned income to portfolio income.


Career transition

Evolving your plan around new or changing incomes, including benefit plans, severance, stock, rollovers, new 401k’s, and relocation.


Navigating divorce

Offering financial education and guidance during the divorce process as well as redefining your goals and establishing financial security.


Loss of a spouse

Assisting with the estate settlement and making adjustments to your plan to account for changing incomes or changing goals.


Unexpected changes

Adjusting your financial plan in response to unexpected windfalls, opportunities or challenges.


Owning a business

Optimize your opportunities for buying, growing and transferring a business and creating a future income plan.


Designing your legacy

Gifting, estate planning, and strategies for philanthropic endowments, all designed to provide a smooth transition of wealth.


Funding an education

Tax-advantaged methods for tuition planning while retaining flexibility.


Growing a family

Protecting your family’s lifestyle and coordinating careers for each partner.

The greatest service we offer is flexibility.

Whatever role you want wealth management to play in your life, Lakeview has the breadth of experience and the diversity of service offerings to help you realize your vision.

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