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Julie – Mentor to Young Women in Finance

Partner Julie Back returned to her alma mater, Central Washington University, where she addressed students belonging to the Women in Business Club. The group seeks to empower and inspire women in CWU’s business school by inviting business leaders like Julie to visit the school and share their stories. Julie, a teacher at heart, was eager […]

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Lisa’s Guest Appearance on KSER

Recently, Lisa Peters appeared on the radio program “Getting Your Dough to Rise,” which is produced locally by Chuck Noel at KSER. Lisa’s more than three decades of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, her technical expertise and her Midwest charm were all on display during her hour-long visit with Chuck. On the last Monday […]

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Youth care photo

May – Our “Give Big” Month

As members of the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce, we found an incredible organization that helps vulnerable youth, as young as 14 up to 24 years of age. Serving downtown Seattle and the U-district, YouthCare provides food, shelter, assistance with meeting education goals, life and job skills training, counseling services, and more. These caring […]

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Lakeview Market Outlook – May

So far this year, the stock market has been buoyed by the expectation that the new administration will achieve most of its policy proposals. The market is still priced for success – assuming deep cuts in regulation, significant tax cuts and a massive spending program on infrastructure. As investors, we must ask ourselves if we believe that those objectives will be achieved. Or do we believe there will be a delay or failure of any one? A clear-eyed assessment points to the probability of a failure of expectations, and markets don’t react well to disappointment. We are already seeing a tempering of the optimism in the last couple of months – volatility is increasing,

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Welcome, Rob!

Rob Lane has joined the Lakeview team as an Associate Advisor. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration, has earned graduate degrees in law and business (MBA) from Gonzaga University, and an LLM degree in Taxation from the UW School of Law. Rob is not only highly credentialed with advisory experience, he is clearly passionate […]

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Divorced? What that means for Social Security Benefits

A person who has been married for at least ten years may receive ex-spousal and widow benefits on their former spouse’s earnings record if unmarried. The number of ex-spouses who claim benefits from a worker’s record does not impact that individual’s own benefit. The ex-spousal benefit is 50% of the worker’s benefit payable at full […]

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Lakeview 2017 Outlook

Our outlook for 2017 is based, as always, on our expectations for the U.S. and global economy, as well as government and central bank policies. Some summary points:


  •  The new administration’s wish list of fundamental changes in government policy is much more clear than the probability of successful implementation of those changes.
  • Although political and policy uncertainty constrains corporate commitments to growth strategies, balance sheets and profits are still sound, and the U.S. is still the “best house on the block”.
  • Global growth is beginning to accelerate, including in Europe, but many headwinds and political risks are likely to keep the recovery sluggish.  Even so, gradual improvements abroad are likely to spur investor interest.
  • Selective companies in emerging markets stand to benefit from the rising middle class in countries like India.
  • While rising interest rates dampen bond returns, use actively managed, well-diversified fixed income managers to cushion volatility and protect against stock risk.
  • The high level of uncertainty about the direction and implementation of the new administration’s policies requires caution, broader diversification and a disciplined adherence to a prudent long-term strategy.
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Welcome, Bryant

Bryant Iskandar stepped into our Assistant Client Services Associate role in January. Bryant has made his way to Seattle via San Francisco and Jakarta. He is a recent graduate of the University of Washington, with a BA in Business Administration, double concentration in Finance and Management. We value Bryant’s strong communication skills and interest in […]

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