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Thoughtful Philanthropy Part II

Working the Plan Now is a great time to assess where your charitable dollars have gone so far and to set plans for your total giving for the year. There could be tax benefits to reap, stretching what you can give to charity. (As we write this, a new tax bill is being considered in […]

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Thoughtful Philanthropy Part 1

Resources for Making a Plan

Giving to worthy causes is inspirational and personally rewarding. Your donation (or volunteer efforts) can truly change someone’s life. Yet this may be an area that you haven’t had time to fully define. There are great causes, so many needs, often urgent ones. As resources, interests and passions change over time, the charitable “plan” can constantly evolve. How much, to what, and when? Cash, appreciated property, and/or time?

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From left:  Julie Back, Julie Penwell, Lisa Peters, Kelly Keydel

Super Intern Julie Penwell’s Summer: In Her Own Words

Julie spent twelve weeks in Lakeview’s offices gaining first-hand experience in a financial advisory firm, assisting us in key areas while participating in the full range of our work, from operations, to financial planning to investment strategy and execution. Julie radiates irrepressible enthusiasm and immersed herself  in all things financial during her sojourn with us. To say the least, we were impressed! Julie has a strong desire to help people, and carries with her a maturity beyond her 19 years, with qualities well suited to pursuing a financial planning career.  We wish Julie the best in her studies and hope to see her again soon.


Julie writes: When we’re growing up, adults often ask us what we want be when we grow up.

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GET’ing the Most out of Your College Savings – WA GET Program Update

The Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program has “rebased” units held in its popular college savings plan.   The GET Program enables families to pre-pay college tuition costs by purchasing tuition units now to avoid paying higher tuition costs in the future.  By rebasing, the program was able to bring the numbers back into alignment with the formal terms of the plan.

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J Back Women in Bus

Julie – Mentor to Young Women in Finance

  Partner Julie Back returned to her alma mater, Central Washington University, where she addressed students belonging to the Women in Business Club. The group seeks to empower and inspire women in CWU’s business school by inviting business leaders like Julie to visit the school and share their stories. Julie, a teacher at heart, was […]

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Lisa’s Guest Appearance on KSER

Recently, Lisa Peters appeared on the radio program “Getting Your Dough to Rise,” which is produced locally by Chuck Noel at KSER. Lisa’s more than three decades of experience as a Certified Financial Planner, her technical expertise and her Midwest charm were all on display during her hour-long visit with Chuck. On the last Monday […]

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Youth care photo

May – Our “Give Big” Month

As members of the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce, we found an incredible organization that helps vulnerable youth, as young as 14 up to 24 years of age. Serving downtown Seattle and the U-district, YouthCare provides food, shelter, assistance with meeting education goals, life and job skills training, counseling services, and more. These caring […]

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Lakeview Market Outlook – May

So far this year, the stock market has been buoyed by the expectation that the new administration will achieve most of its policy proposals. The market is still priced for success – assuming deep cuts in regulation, significant tax cuts and a massive spending program on infrastructure. As investors, we must ask ourselves if we believe that those objectives will be achieved. Or do we believe there will be a delay or failure of any one? A clear-eyed assessment points to the probability of a failure of expectations, and markets don’t react well to disappointment. We are already seeing a tempering of the optimism in the last couple of months – volatility is increasing,

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