Code of Ethics

Lakeview Financial Group, LLC has adopted a Code of Ethics, expressing our firm’s commitment to ethical conduct, professionalism, objectivity and upholding our fiduciary duties to clients.

Fiduciary Duty
Always act in the best interests of the client. It is through placing our client’s interest first, that we earn and maintain their trust.

Integrity and Respect
Act with integrity and respect when dealing with clients, prospects, team members and others. Be courteous. Provide services in a diligent, timely manner.

Objectivity, Independence, and Fairness
We are an independent firm,

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and will always provide objective, impartial advice and recommendations to our clients. Avoid conflicts of interest when possible and disclose any conflicts that may exist.

Competence and Knowledge
Strive to maintain and continually enhance professional knowledge and skills through ongoing education and professional collaboration. Recognize the limitations of that knowledge and consult with other professionals or make an appropriate referral.

Protect the privacy of client financial information. Do not disclose any confidential information without the express consent of the client unless we are legally required to do so.

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