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We believe that wealth management is a relationship, not a formula.

Lakeview is an independent financial planning and registered investment advisory firm. We help every person and family we serve build a unique and evolving financial roadmap, so they can navigate all of life’s transitions with confidence and optimism.

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  • We manage money, but we work for people.

    Wealth management is a series of personal decisions, not just a balance sheet. Our success is rooted in the genuine care we have for people, their lives, and the experience they have with us.

  • We personalize your peace of mind.

    Wealth comes with complications, and we can help uncomplicate them. We match deep experience with personalized understanding to help you maximize your assets and minimize your anxiety.

  • We never stop learning, or listening.

    We’re relentlessly curious and driven to solve the unique puzzle that is your financial plan. We are constantly looking for new ways to empower our team and help our clients make the smartest possible financial decisions.

Life scenarios

At the end of the day, it’s about your challenges, and being prepared to meet them.

See how we help our clients through a variety of real-life scenarios, from basic questions about investments, to broader concerns about retirement planning.

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Thoughtful Philanthropy Part 1

Resources for Making a Plan

Giving to worthy causes is inspirational and personally rewarding. Your donation (or volunteer efforts) can truly change someone’s life. Yet this may be an area that you haven’t had time to fully define. There are great causes, so many needs, often urgent ones. As resources, interests and passions change over time, the charitable “plan” can constantly evolve. How much, to what, and when? Cash, appreciated property, and/or time?

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Super Intern Julie Penwell’s Summer: In Her Own Words

Julie spent twelve weeks in Lakeview’s offices gaining first-hand experience in a financial advisory firm, assisting us in key areas while participating in the full range of our work, from operations, to financial planning to investment strategy and execution. Julie radiates irrepressible enthusiasm and immersed herself  in all things financial during her sojourn with us. To say the least, we were impressed! Julie has a strong desire to help people, and carries with her a maturity beyond her 19 years, with qualities well suited to pursuing a financial planning career.  We wish Julie the best in her studies and hope to see her again soon.


Julie writes: When we’re growing up, adults often ask us what we want be when we grow up.

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GET’ing the Most out of Your College Savings – WA GET Program Update

The Washington Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program has “rebased” units held in its popular college savings plan.   The GET Program enables families to pre-pay college tuition costs by purchasing tuition units now to avoid paying higher tuition costs in the future.  By rebasing, the program was able to bring the numbers back into alignment with the formal terms of the plan.

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When a client tells me that they don't worry about their investments or their financial plan because they know it's in our hands. That's success to me." Julie Back
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